Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Napster On The Road

I'm on the road again.. This week I'm in the most beautiful part of Nevada. I really like it here. I even called Spurs who has had the calling to move to this state and said - if we move here I would like to live in this part. Think 'Lake Tahoe'.

So the funniest part of my trip has been my rental car. I always have to get a rental car with a navigation system because I really am blind but have not gotten to the eye doctor to get glasses so I don't like to read directions while I'm driving and I suffer from CRS (Can't Remember Shit) so even if I read the directions ahead of time I can't remember what they said. So I go to the rental counter and my profile always requests the navigation system but it's a hit or miss situation depending on what types of cars they have left. So by the time I got into town and went to the rental counter the only cars they had left with the navigation system was the high priced vehicles. It only cost 10.00 extra so I said OK - go for it. Turns out it is a 2006 Cadillac. So I go out to the car - very nice by the way - and could not find a slot to put the key into. I asked two people walking by in the garage if they knew where they key goes and no one knew. So I trekked through the parking garage to the rental umbrella folks and said "I don't know how to start this car". Yes, they all laughed. The guy walked back to the car with me and explained that I had to have the keys in the car with me but the car started with a push button. Hmm, how in the hell am I supposed to know that, they should have explained at the counter. I drive a 2000 POS car with no bells and whistles. So I got the ignition part down but now was scared to death to drive this very expensive car. Needless to say, I got the hang of it and explained to Spurs how much I loved driving this car. Spurs is Cadillac fan as well and explained..maybe someday hunny!

Anyway, this is a short trip for me thankfully and I will be home tomorrow afternoon. Spurs is none to pleased about being left alone with the new puppy again, but has explained that he is teaching who the Alpha Male is at this point. I wish we had a hidden camera in the house....

So we will see what the future brings but if Spurs wants to live in a 'gambling leagle' town this one would be tops on my list - it's absolutely great here - mountains with snow, a beautiful lake a few minutes away....very nice!

Friday, May 26, 2006

How Can You Say No To This?

She has both Spurs and Napster under her little puppy spell....

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I Don't Want To Think, I Just Want To Pee!

What is up with the whole cutsie names on the bathrooms in restaurants and bars? What happened to good old fashioned Men and Women signs? Over the weekend we went to a Seafood restaurant in TLTTF, TX and the bathroom signs read - Inboards and Outboards...WTF? I'm not a boat person, how in the hell am I supposed to know what that means!!!

I don't want to think when I have to go pee at a bar or restaurant, I don't want to have that sinking feeling that I am going to walk in on some old guy holding his wing-wang and say, 'Oh, sorry, thought this was the women's bathroom!

For the love of Pete - I just want to pee!!!

The gamecocks start early!

Yes, Lynkin now has a gamecock t-shirt!

Mo - hurry up and send me an FSU t-shirt so we can set this little girl straight!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stynkin Lynkin

Well it's day seven and she is still alive and kickin! She went to the vet on Friday and it turns out she has an intestinal parasite living in her little belly - so now she gets liquid medicine for the next 10 days. Oh, and did I mention the lovely green slimy poop that's leaking out of her? Nice... It's great to have to clean that up 20 times a day. I think Spurs may puke before this is over.

Lynkin seems to be fitting in pretty well into our family - she loves chasing Stella the cat, peeing while she eats, playing with her new toys, and eating Daddy's toes.....

I have bought more stuff for this little one since I got back home from the land of the burning sun, and I think she seems to be enjoying her princess status in the household....

All in all she is not a bad 2 pound little girl - she sleeps as soon as you pick her up and put her on your chest or lap and otherwise she is good about playing with her toys and following around the big feet people in the house. We will keep you updated with her progress. Lets hope the green slimy poop ends soon...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Daddy Day Care

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions on naming our new little addition. Spurs has made a decision - he wants to name her Lynkin - why you ask? Because her poop looks like little Lincoln Log pieces... So there you have it - Lynkin. I think it's a very original name for our new little girl. I got to name Stella the cat so it's only fair that Spurs get's to name the latest member of the household.

For those of you that are wondering what she is - she is a black and tan Chihuahua and she is 8 weeks old - let's hope she makes it to 6 months - living with me Spurs and Stella ain't easy. If any of you that read us out there have this breed please send us advice - we have never had a toy breed before - I'm afraid I'm either going to break her or step on her - but it's oh so cute to see Spurs walking her with her little bright pink collar on.

So, I had to go out of town today for business - out to the state of the burning sun - man, how does anyone live here - it's so freakin hot - I even had to call Sissy and say - ARE YOU CRAZY! But, on the other hand I am getting much props for my last name considering the b-ball playoffs - I've never gotten so many questions regarding my last name as I have since I came here today - those of you that know us will figure it out. Spurs thinks I should cash in on it and try to get a free dinner - let's see how it goes..

So that means, Spurs is home alone with the little one until Friday - let's hope he is up for the challenge - I'll probably come back home to Lynkin eating Cheetos on the couch while watching NASCAR and drinking Vodka.

From tonight's report all is well - Lynkin has taken to eating toes and thoes sharp puppy teeth are not so much fun on the toes. Spurs may even bring the little one to the office with him since it's kind of vacant there now. A friend of ours is sending a puppy pouch that I can wear and Lynkin can snuggle on me all day and I am free to walk around and do what I need to do - how funny will that be - I will take pictures of that and post..

We will keep you updated on Lynkin's progress....

Sunday, May 14, 2006

How much is that doggie in the window???

Mother's day 2006

For all of you mother's out there, I do wish you a happy day, you deserve it.

Me and my damn narrow urethra...

First, let me say that I am a fan of all animals. I just am. Love em'.

Secondly, let me say that I love dogs in all shapes and sizes. I have had a rottie, mastiff and malamute on my record - Napster has had Akitas. And they all lived happy and fruitful lives.

So don't give me any shit or I'll kick your ass.

Napster has been hearing the bells so what's a guy to do???

That said, we've given birth and we would like some input on naming this little booger.

Drum Roll Please................

And just for the record, Stella is taking this all in stride it seems...

Sorry Little Buddy...

I was going to call her, Little Mother Fucker That I'm Going To Have To Take Outside In The Mother Fucking Rain but LMFTIGTHTTOITMFR doesn't really have a ring to it.

Please help!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Has Anyone Seen This Man?

There is a search out for this guy. What we know about him is this:

1. He used to blog a lot, but lately not so much
2. He is a HUGE Carolina fan
3. He is a HUGE Steelers fan
4. He is a HUGE Cardinals fan
5. Okay, he's just a huge sports fan, period.
6. He has a particular affection towards Red Bull and Vodka
7. He has a sharp tongue and a big heart
8. Boiled peanuts have been sold out since his move to TLTTF
9. He can make you laugh no matter what type of mood you are in
10. He can fry anything and make it taste good
11. He can cook anything and make it taste good
12. He can grill anything and make it taste good
13. He can talk to anyone in a bar and make a friend for life
14. He is tough to reign in when he is ready to fight
15. He has a magical way of working from home and yet no one knows he naps all day
16. You are a lucky person if you have ever met him and he decides he likes you

We've gotten a brief sketch of him from a random bar...... Please let us know if you have seen him.

Monday, May 01, 2006

All quiet on the Eastern Front

Of the roughly 250 odd employees that worked in my building a month ago, about 10 of us are left. Just sitting around makes for a very long day let me tell you…
I think I’ll get out of here and go watch the race…

I was sitting at my desk reading a book and noticed on the front cover “Specifically designed for comfortable reading”. What’s this all about??
I can’t figure out how this book has been specifically designed for comfortable reading…or how can any book for that matter…

This bites, I’m outta here…