Saturday, June 24, 2006

Happy 1st Anniversary!!

Today Spurs and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary! I am so lucky to have found Spurs, he is the greatest person I have ever known and my best friend. Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Kind of Porn

I have been on a diet for a month now - the type where they send you the food so all you do is heat it up - it's not bad, but it's not the best either. You can supplement the dinners and lunches with fresh veggies and salads and even wheat toast or wheat rolls so that's pretty good. I have cheated a few times but for the most part have been sticking to it. It's all about portion control and I have lost 9 pounds and haven't even started working out yet so that's not too bad.

So now I have found my new porn - the Food Channel! For some reason I really like to watch them cook all the food that I want to eat but can't. I guess that is really weird but I can't get enough of it.

Food Channel - the new porn for dieters!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Are Still Alive! And an Answer to a Meme from Bou!

Yes, we are still alive, Lynkin hasn't eaten us or driven us out of our house YET! She's a handful though...

I have since lost my sweet contract gig making a bajillion dollars so Napster is very depressed... Living in TLTTF, TX isn't making things any better - no jobs, no opportunity, no nothin...

But the good news is that Spurs, a.k.a. the Survivor, that knows it's all business, has survived another round of cuts. He has been given an extension until the end of the year with the ability to live wherever we want!!! Wahoo! Whatever... we have not idea where we want to go but anywhere is better than the LTTF, TX. So we are in hot debate over where we are moving next. Me jobless, him living the dream and outliving anyone who has ever worked for a company that has been bought out about a bajillion times. I told him today that one day he would be CEO of this company...

Anyway,Grandmother Bou, sister of my best friend Morrigan has tagged me with a meme... Nice.. I guess I don't have much else to do except contimplate my future, where we will live next, and self control over not drowning the smallest dog on earth because she can never be house trained (just kidding)... Look at this, do you think that this little thing will ever listen to anyone? She eats her own limbs!!!!

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So as far as the meme goes...

5 Things in my Refrigerator

1. Sugar Free Red Bull
2. Diet Coke
3. Orange Juice
4. Lots of Water Bottles
5. Lots of Salad stuff (because I'm on a freakin diet from hell)

5 Things in My Closet

1. My 500 pairs of jeans in various sizes
2. My BCBG top that I love and wear everytime me and Spurs go out
3. My 100 pairs of shoes which are mostly black and I end up wearing flip flops
4. Various computer boxes because I don't have anywhere else to put them
5. Spurs 1,000,000 selection of Polo shirts

5 Things in my Purse

1. First of all it's a Coach purse so need I say more
2. My Coach wristlet that I scammed off of Sissy because it matched my purse
3. Tons of glosses and lipsticks because I am a Sephora FREAK!!
4. Lots of sugarless gum because I am a GUM FREAK!!
5. My cell phone because I don't leave home without it because my car is a POS!

5 Things in my Car

1. A South Carolina cooler that holds red bull and water for when Sissy visits!
2. A dolphin rearview mirror dangler because it reminds me of the beach
3. My parking permit from our apartment on Folly Beach, SC because it reminds me of home!
4. My SC and FB (Folly Beach) stickers on my back window because I so want to be back in SC!!!
5. My various CD's that have been burned from Itunes...

So there we have it folks, we are still debating on where we are moving next. If it was up to Morrigan it would be the ATL, but we are thinking more about SC. We will let you know where we go next.... Stay tuned!!!