Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kitty Doppler

Screw Jim Cantore and the Weather Channel.
I have something far superior to alert me to impending bad weather.
I call it Kitty Doppler.

Ever since we lived in Lubbock, any time a severe thunder and lightning type event is about to hit, our cat Stella goes mental about 2 hours prior.
She didn't freak like this in Charleston but I guess the storms in Lubbock triggered some sort of barometric monitor. She gets all crouched down and makes this painful mewing sound and looks for a place to hide.

She alerted me yesterday at around 2:30. I checked the Weather Channel and they said nothing. I was writing this post around 4 or so and the bottom dropped out. I checked the Weather Channel and now they had alerts. Lightning, thunder high winds and rain and voila, the power gets knocked out. Couldn't find the cat anyhere.

About 45 minutes later Stella pops out from behind some books on a book shelf in the center most part of the house and gives the all clear by rolling on her back and showing me her what nots. There was no power so I couldn't check and see if the Weather Channel agreed. But for my money, I'm sticking with the cat.