Thursday, August 31, 2006

Moving Sucks: Part 1

I say "Part 1" because I have a feeling this is just the start of my "Moving Sucks" postings. Last night while waiting on Spurs to get home from his business trip I decide to go ahead and box up our printers and home computer because I have kept the original boxes through our many moves. The computer was a snap because it is a Sony and thanks to the nice people at Sony they actually put a map on the box of how to get the computer and monitor back in the box.

Then comes the printers. Unfortunately the not so nice people at HP decided it wasn't necessary to put a map on their boxes because god forbid you want to pack them back up in their original boxes. So you would think easy right? Not so much. Just a printer, two paper trays and two big pieces of styrofoam (sp?) that go on each side of the box to hold the printer in place that resemble huge puzzle pieces. ARGGGGGG! It took me five minutes to box up the computer and monitor. It took me 30 minutes to pack two printers. I thought I was going to loose my freakin mind. They should have classes at the local community college on how to pack electronics back in their original boxes!!!!!!

I'm sure there will be more episodes of "Moving Sucks" to come....stay tuned......

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Warning! Warning! Warning!

You know those lovely little tags they are now sewing into the insides of new clothes that have the security tracking device within the tag, especially if you buy your clothes from The Gap or Ann Taylor?? Well I found out an important fact today while running errands. I was wearing a pair of blue jean capris I got a few months ago at The Gap and it still had the security tag inside of them and since I never really noticed it irritating me I never removed it. Mind you, these capris have been washed about a dozen times since I've gotten them.

So I pop into The Gap to buy a pair of black sweat pants for our upcoming drive from hell to our new home and as soon as I walked in the alarms went off and of course everyone turned and stared at me. As I had just walked into the store they didn't really care because I guess if I had stolen something it must have been from another store??? And I didn't have any bags in my hand, only my purse on my shoulder.

So I go into the dressing room to try on the sweat pants since I've gone down a few sizes lately and I notice the security tag in my blue jean capris and summize that it must be why the alarm went off. So while checking out I mention it to the girl ringing me up so they wouldn't tackle me while leaving the store. She laughed and says it happens a lot and then said that they actually reactivate when you wash them?!?!?!?! WHA?!?!?!?

I then leave the mall as to not set off anymore alarms and head to CVS to pick up some cleaning supplies and as soon as I walk in their alarm goes off, and it's not just an annoying siren, it actually shouts loudly at you to come to the counter.... Nice... So luckily they don't raise an eyebrow to me on the way into or out of the store but of course everyone shopping stops and turns.

So tonight I will promptly remove all of those little tags out of all my clothes. Just thought I should let you guys know this interesting little tid bit of information.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lack of Communication

Well we are preparing for our move and during this process I have noticed that there has been a lack of communication, or shall I say a lack of listening. So when does the communication breakdown happen in a marriage? We have only been married for a year and two months and now it happens, while we are planning our move???

So, Spurs was having issues with contacting the new cable company to order our digital cable and modem service for our new place. I offered to contact them and waited on the phone on hold for a while and then finally got a hold of someone. Mind you I did this 30 minutes before my hair appointment so I thought I would have plenty of time to get through it. Spurs was busy with work (working from home) and had an upcoming conference call so I decided to tough it out on hold. Once I got in touch with someone (finally) I ordered our cable and modem and it took a while because he put me on hold every two minutes. Spurs was coming in and out of the room during this process and while on hold I expressed my concern as I had to get to my hair appointment (this is my last chance to get blond again before moving back) so he understood my frustration.

Alas I finally get through it with no time to spare and run out the door for my appointment. Later that evening I let him know what I had ordered and the date they were showing up to hook us up and even let him know that we needed a money order for the installation person as they will not accept out of state checks. So we had a whole conversation about this event, right??!?!?!?!?

Today he comes out of the office (me thinking he was on a conference call and waiting for him to get finished so I could start working out as our workout equipment is in the office) and says "Guess what, I finally got through online to order our cable and modem service but they can't show up until the 7th which is two days after we move in." WHA??? I promptly reminded him of our conversation two days ago where I stayed on the phone and ordered our service and got someone to come out the next day after we arrive to install our service. He says "Oh, I guess I wasn't really listening or I forgot." WHA???

So therefore I guess where it concerns Spurs and I it takes approximately one year and two months before the husband stops listening to what the wife is saying. Sad...Very Sad....

Update -
In my defense, it's not that I didn't hear, it's that I didn't store it in my short term memory. There's a lot going on right now both personally and professionally so I may have missed it. But hey, at least we know that the cable guys are coming...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Counting Down

In 11 days Napster, Stella, Lynkin and myself begin our journey back to civilization.

We'll cover roughly 1400 miles on this trek and oddly, I'm looking forward to it.
It's not quite as far as Sissy had to go when she moved but hey, she didn't have a neurotic cat, psychotic dog and an extremely vocal but lovely wife in tow. I think I'm just glad to put this place in our rear view mirror.

We have however met a few good people here. And even a couple of folks that we'll probably stay in touch with once we've gone. But for the most part, this place has been pretty crappy. Well, maybe not crappy. Boring as hell definitely, but probably not crappy.

We're moving back to my home town. A place I haven't visited in years, much less lived there. It should be interesting to be that close to my family again.

All in all, maybe things are starting to look up.

I wonder if Napster will let us stop in Shreveport...they have casinos...I like casinos...probably not huh?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Twenty Years already...

I just got word that my 20th High School reunion is going to be held October 6-7th. Hard to believe it's been that long.
I haven't decided if I'm going yet...

Little buddy - Please call, I swapped software on my phone and lost all numbers.

Monday, August 07, 2006

What rhymes with oofus?

I'm going to go with doofus.

I was making a run to the store today and Napster says, "Don't forget your phone".
My response was "No need, it's not like I'll get a flat".
Ummm yeah...

I dropped off the trash before leaving and when I went to get back in the car...
There, in the side wall of my tire, was a mother lovin' nail.
Karma's a bitch ain't it.

My family's car people. So I figured I'd change the tire real quick and have it ready to be plugged tomorrow.
Not so fast my friends...

Whatever diphole designed this tire change kit should be shot. There's a huge separation between design and execution that needs to be explored.
Long story short, 1 hour and a busted knuckle, bump on my head and one broken lug nut post later, the tire's changed.

Napster had a smug look on her face as I walked in sweaty, greasy and pissed...did I mention pissed.

Good thing I didn't take my phone huh?

Friday, August 04, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Great news on the Spurs and Napster relocation front - WE ARE MOVING BACK HOME!! WAHOO!! Well it's Spurs home but my adopted home and is way closer to all of our friends and family than TLTTF, TX. We are very excited and a little overwhelmed because it's happening in 30 days so now it's downsizing time in the house of Spurs and Napster so hopefully our move won't break the bank.

I've already alerted Morrigan and Sissy so they can be prepared for me to show up shortly after we settle in so they will be ready for some serious shopping weekends! Oh, yeah, I also have to find employment....damn....

Oh, and by the way - this is the view from our deck in our new place.....Ahhhhhhh

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On the road

If there were a word to describe my trip to Kansas City this week it would have to be, Holyshitisiteverfreakinghotinthismotherfucker!!!!

I’m just saying…

Sissy and I went to the Royals game last night(that's right, the Royals) and I couldn’t catch that wonderful, baseball beer buzz because we were sweating like two convicts on a chain-gang.

Can’t wait to get back to Lubbock where it’s nice and cool……awww….shit