Monday, April 09, 2007

Stop Looking At The Clock

I'm at the point in my life where I want to stop looking at the clock. You know, setting the alarm for the morning, looking at the clock during the work day. I'm over it! I want to be at the point where the wake up time doesn't matter, and you don't have to watch the clock at night to make sure you go to bed in time to get your eight hours of sleep. I'M OVER IT!

Now, either I have to win the lottery or one of you need to gift me about $5,000,000 to make my dream come true. Let me know......

I'm tired of watching a clock!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Doing A Solid

Do you know what it means to "Do a Solid" for someone? Let me tell you about it. Our best friends who are luckily our neighbors did a total Solid for me this weekend. Spurs is doing his tour of "Shawshank" for three weeks and coming home for about 38 hours on the weekends. This sucks on a monumental scale for me. I miss him so much and the short time on the weekends isn't fair. But I'm a whiny baby and it sucks to be me.

Anyway, this past Friday I left work and stopped by the grocery store to get all of our needs for the weekend so we wouldn't have to go anywhere. There was laundry to do, packing to do, couple time to do, etc. So I get home around 6:20 and am rushing to get everything put up and the house cleaned up and needed to leave around 8:40 to head to the airport to pick up my baby. So my best friend Blinkie keeps psycho calling me, cell phone, home phone, etc. This isn't normal unless there is something going on. I was concerned that she needed something immediately because they knew that Spurs was coming home that evening. So she calls and I answer and she says "I need you to come over really fast because I know you are preparing for Spurs to come home, but I need you to come settle something between me and the Big Guy." So I think, okay, she went shopping the other night and they are going to a wedding Saturday night so maybe it's the dress she bought, she may need a second opinion. So I put the groceries away and head next door to see what's up. I walk in and am warmly greeted as usual and I see The Big Guy on the porch and I see another person sitting out there but can only see the foot. As Blinkie is talking to me I am looking at the foot of the person sitting on the porch and it looks familiar - the shoe - it looks familiar. So I walk on over and there he is - my baby - Spurs! He is sitting on their porch drinking a martini. WOW! I was so happy I thought I might cry. He decided to take an earlier flight to avoid the weather happening in the midwest and had The Big Guy pick him up at the airport. And Blinkie and The Big Guy being the best friends ever decided to make it a surprise for me. They knew how depressed I had been the whole week with him being gone and me stressing over having to pick him up at the airport late Friday night. Ahh, it was so nice, I can't even put it into words. My baby was home safe and sound and we just casually strolled over to our place and had a full evening together! It was the best! That was a total SOLID! Thanks you guys! You are the best ever!

So You Think Your Family Is F'd Up?

I watched a movie today through 'on demand' because there wasn't crap on my 200 channels of digital cable. Spurs read this book a few months ago and couldn't finish it because he said it was too depressing to finish. That's huge for Spurs, he usually finishes a book in a day or two. So I watched the movie today. Running with Scissors. Wow - now I know why he couldn't finish it - that was one f'd up family. What a weird movie. A good watch though on this gloomy depressing Sunday.

Girls Weekend....a few weeks later

I just went through all the pictures that Sissy sent to me from our girls weekend. I know, it's been a few weeks since this took place but let me preface this by saying that during our girls weekend I was coming down with not only a virus but a bacterial infection and once I got home and collapsed I was out of work for four days and totally driving Spurs crazy. You wanna hear about a trouper? I had a 102 temperature with chills and body aches and made it through the nite in Chucktown with flying colors. And I didn't even realize we took a picture with the guy from NOJO on the elevator we were trapped in at the end of the night for like half and hour..that's a whole other blog entry.

Anyway, we had a great time as usual and I love the pictures that Sissy takes, she should re-think her career and become a photographer! So from all the pictures she took, my favorite was one taken from the Friday night before we took off when Sissy, Spurs, Morrigan and I partook in more than a few adult beverages and then decided to play Wii. So when Spurs and Morrigan get together it's like a brother and sister at the ages of 7 and 9. 7 being Mo and 9 being Spurs. They fight like...well cats and dogs. Constantly arguing and flipping each other off. It's great fun! AND, they are both sooo competitive and I guess the Wii got them all riled up so Spurs just decided to pick up Mo and put her in her place. It just cracks me up because Spurs is such a line-backer sized guy and Mo is so tiny....

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Anyway, great times you guys, thank you!!