Thursday, May 24, 2007

Summer Of Spurs

I am heading to Atlanta to interview for another position within the company.
If this doesn't work out, I will become a casualty of the "Work Force Reduction" initiative.

When the powers that be broke up my job duties, they spread them to 5 other employees so I can certainly see their logic.(He says dripping with sarcasm)

Anyway, I'm not too worried at this point because my severance package will pay me through November. Which is better than a kick to the marbles I'd say.

I was telling Napster that I have always had a job of some sort and this may be the perfect opportunity to take a little time off and recharge.
Oddly she's OK with this.

So barring a Governor's reprieve, 12:01 AM on June 1st will mark the beginning of the "Summer of Spurs".
Have mercy on all of us.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Now I really feel ripped off.
It appears that the De La Hoya/Mayweather bout has set the all time record for a pay per view event.
From now on, if the event doesn't come with a "somebody's gettin' knocked the fuck out" clause. I'm not buying.

Walking herpetic lesion Paris Hilton has a petition circulating to keep her out of jail. And people are signing it....
I think those people should be drug outside and be bludgeoned with a five pound stick of Genoa Salami.

I'm not going to name names but a relatively prominent local attorney has been charged with murder.
This dill-hole got tanked and was found naked in the champaign room of a local "Gentleman's Club". Everybody knows there ain't no sex in the champaign room.
Natch' he gets kicked out of the club but decides that firing a gun back through the front door of the establishment would be the prudent thing to do and winds up killing an innocent.
Then he drives back to his house and calls 911 because someone is trying to break in.
It was the police...
His excuse - bipolar and an alcoholic.
Now he's on the news every night looking remorseful and I'm sick of it.

If you're a bipolar drunk, don't get hammered and drive to a strip club with a loaded fucking gun.
Too often lately, I've seen people make bad choices and pull out the bipolar substance abuse card and it's just pissing me off.
The newest version of the get out of jail free card....
Take your pills, don't drink and shut the hell up.
If you choose not to do these things and mess up then it sucks to be you and take your punishment like a man/woman.

Peace out

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Who would've ever thought that NBA thug wanna be and general ass clown Ron Artest would get less jail time than that Uber skank Paris Hilton?

She'll probably wind up with a movie and book deal.
The world is truely an unfair SOB.

We had our BFF's Big Guy and Blinky over on Saturday to watch the De La Hoya Mayweather fight. After having a chance to go back and rewatch this fight sober. I still say De La Hoya won and for $55 bucks on PPV I feel like somebody should have gotten knocked the fuck out. I mean come on guys, the most blood I saw all weekend came from the Phoenix Suns Steve Nash.

I don't know if you had the chance or inclination to watch the NFL draft but watching Brady Quinn squirm in the Green Room as he slipped from top 3 prospect to 22nd overall was painful. At one point, I thought his girlfirend was going to run off with JaMarcus...
No way I'd put myself through that kind of crap...

I wonder if the good Reverend Jesse and the Rainbow Coalition along with Pimp Daddy Al will be marching in Kansas to ensure that these towns are rebuilt and have the neccesary Federal help...hmmmmm
I wouldn't hold your breath

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What Not To Google For

My lovely husband Spurs won tickets to the All Star NASCAR race in NC. I have never been to a NASCAR race so whenever I go to any type of sporting event I need to have the correct wardrobe. So my instructions from Spurs was "Wear something very comfortable because we will be doing a lot of walking." So in my mind I'm trying to figure out my wardrobe for this event. I'm thinking capri's, flat shoes (which I don't own) and a cute t-shirt of some sort. So I go trolling on the internet looking for a cute NASCAR related t-shirt. I'm not a huge fan of anyone in particular but I tend to like Tony Stewart. Maybe it's because of the huge amount of money I gave to Home Depot when renovating my last house.

So..I go trolling on Google looking for cute Tony Stewart t-shirts for women. Of course, the NASCAR site didn't have the one I liked in my size. So I start thinking of Sporting Good stores in our area. So I think of Dick's Sporting Goods. While having my "Blonde Moment" instead of typing in "Dick's Sporting Goods" I type in "Dicks" in the search box for Google. Wow - I thought Spurs was going to spit his drink across the room. Luckily "Dick's Sporting Goods" came up first but the rest of the list was very interesting..