Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Napster On The Road

I'm on the road again.. This week I'm in the most beautiful part of Nevada. I really like it here. I even called Spurs who has had the calling to move to this state and said - if we move here I would like to live in this part. Think 'Lake Tahoe'.

So the funniest part of my trip has been my rental car. I always have to get a rental car with a navigation system because I really am blind but have not gotten to the eye doctor to get glasses so I don't like to read directions while I'm driving and I suffer from CRS (Can't Remember Shit) so even if I read the directions ahead of time I can't remember what they said. So I go to the rental counter and my profile always requests the navigation system but it's a hit or miss situation depending on what types of cars they have left. So by the time I got into town and went to the rental counter the only cars they had left with the navigation system was the high priced vehicles. It only cost 10.00 extra so I said OK - go for it. Turns out it is a 2006 Cadillac. So I go out to the car - very nice by the way - and could not find a slot to put the key into. I asked two people walking by in the garage if they knew where they key goes and no one knew. So I trekked through the parking garage to the rental umbrella folks and said "I don't know how to start this car". Yes, they all laughed. The guy walked back to the car with me and explained that I had to have the keys in the car with me but the car started with a push button. Hmm, how in the hell am I supposed to know that, they should have explained at the counter. I drive a 2000 POS car with no bells and whistles. So I got the ignition part down but now was scared to death to drive this very expensive car. Needless to say, I got the hang of it and explained to Spurs how much I loved driving this car. Spurs is Cadillac fan as well and explained..maybe someday hunny!

Anyway, this is a short trip for me thankfully and I will be home tomorrow afternoon. Spurs is none to pleased about being left alone with the new puppy again, but has explained that he is teaching who the Alpha Male is at this point. I wish we had a hidden camera in the house....

So we will see what the future brings but if Spurs wants to live in a 'gambling leagle' town this one would be tops on my list - it's absolutely great here - mountains with snow, a beautiful lake a few minutes away....very nice!