Saturday, September 24, 2005

Mr. Balls Is Back

Mr. Balls came back today and showed me his man bits. Stella was not impressed. See if you can pick out which cat is happy and which cat is not...

Napster: Eww, looks like he has a tick above his balls, see that little red dot..
Spurs: Um, that's his weiner...
Napster: No way, that's not his weiner...
(Weiner starts to protrude a bit..)
Napster: OMG Yuck! Kitty weiner...
Spurs: Yup, that's his kitty weiner..
Napster: Yuck, that's disgusting, it's quite small
Spurs: Well you only got to see the top of it, he didn't bring it out all the way
Napster: OMG, that is not right!!!
Eww, I got to see top of kitty weiner, not what I wanted to see.... YUCK!!!