Friday, September 23, 2005

Been There, Done That, Bought the T-shirt

Napster is back in town! Back from the Windy City! Man, I am beat. The whole hurricane fiasco was in full play yesterday at O'Hare and DFW and both were pains in my ass. I was able to fly stand-by from O'Hare to DFW but not so much on my way home to TLTTF TX. I ended up on the late flight home but glad to be here. Spurs had my back and convinced me to buy a one way to Dallas for Thursday night instead of my return flight back today to Houston. Boy am I glad I have such a travel smart hunny! I was concerned about the cost of the one way ticket but if I hadn't done that I would have spent the weekend in Chicago. Houston airport shut down at 12:00 today and I would have been SOL.

I gotta say, downtown Chicago is one beautiful city. I didn't get to see as much as I wanted to but from my hotel window I had the Chicago Theater on my right and nice view of the water to my left. I didn't get to go out much at night because of the very long work days but the first night we had dinner at the hotel which was actually really good. The next night we walked over to Nick and Tony's and man was it good. The atmosphere was great and the food even better. I did not get to shop because I had to get out of there so fast to get home but man did I want to. The only downside was the five block walk to the office every morning and evening. Sissy warned me about wearing comfortable shoes but did I listen, NOPE! I really want to go back when I'm not working and spend some free time. There was so much to do and see!

So I am really thankful to be home. Being out of town during a hurricane situation is not very much fun. I hope all the folks in Texas will come out alright, last look it seemed it had calmed down from the Cat 5 that it was so let's hope it's not as bad as Katrina.

I'm really thankful that I get to be home with my hunny, it's tough being away from home. October is going to be a busy time for me. Looks like about 15 days of travel for the month. I get to go to exciting Ohio. Wahoo! But the bright point is we get to go to San Antonio for a mini vacation to see our dear friends from home that we haven't seen in a while. Then I'm off to California. I am looking forward to that since I haven't been there but it will be a brutal trip. Three days one week and five days the next week. What was I thinking when I took this job??


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