Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today's WTF comes courtesy of Georgia Democrat Cynthia McKinney

Note to Cynthia McKinney:

If you refuse to wear the pin that denotes you as a member of Congress you will be stopped and asked for ID.

You’ve been going through this since you were first elected back in 1993, so it should come as no shock.

It’s not racism, its just security doing their job.

Have you seen any of your Democrat brethren step up to show support for you??

When’s the last time any political figure didn’t want a little face time??

Maybe they’re racist too…

And for the record, I think your hair looked much better before.

It’s hard to take anything you say seriously now that you look like Sideshow Bob.

Don’t you think there are far more pressing issues??

Just wear your damn pin and stop giving me a headache.