Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And what not...

I don't normally talk about work but I have to in this particular case.
It always amazes me how fiscally conservative upper management becomes as we prepare to close out a year. Now all of a sudden, the money well has gone dry and every one is hoppin' around wanting to know where it went. It's called a budget....look into it.

That aside, Napster and I have been quite the traveling duo. I'm off tomorrow to the teeming Metropolis of Boiling Springs, SC. It's the kind of place that would get a big Hee-Haw salute back in the day. Looking forward to this one...

Napster is heading to California and Alaska. We're getting lots of t-shirts...

I have turned over my fantasy pick-em league to Napster. I couldn't pick my nose these last few weeks and she has this elaborate way of picking games involving team colors and mascots being able to beat one another up. It's got to be better than what I've been doing.

The Cardinals are in the Division finals. Love it.
The Braves lost. Love it.
The Yankees lost. Love it.
The Steelers are winning and Roethlisberger isn't hurt as bad as first thought. Love it.
In first place in two of my fantasy leagues plus made my money back. Love it.

Sissy blew through town this past weekend.
We danced.
I sang.
We balanced cups on our head.
Quality hi-jinx I tell you. At least for TLTTF.

Time off is over due. I need a break.
Gotta go pack....woo-hoo


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