Monday, October 03, 2005

A Nice Evening Out in TLTTF Texas

Spurs and I were trying to decide what we wanted for dinner last night. Usually that involves some sort of delivery or drive-thru and sometimes we just call in and pick-up. So, Spurs decides he wants to get some take-out from the new Hibachi style place up the street. At this point in the day I am in sweat-pants, t-shirt and flip-flops as is Spurs. So we decide what the heck, we will just head out and order once we get there and wait for our food. No need to change clothes for that.

When we arrive Spurs notices they have a Sushi Bar and since the place wasn't that crowded we decide to go ahead and eat there. Yes, I am still dressed in sweat-pants, t-shirt and flip-flops - as is Spurs. Now had this been Charleston or Atlanta I would have never agreed to sit down in a restaurant and eat dressed like this - but it's TLTTF so what the heck. No one even batted an eye at us. We were actually dressed better than some of the folks eating there. Not to mention the waitresses had on the full length geisha gowns - nothing like seeing a redneck girl dressed in a geisha gown with sparkly flip flops on...yikes!

Turns out we had a very nice Hibachi style dinner with Sushi appetizers that Spurs shelled out over $100 for. How ironic was it that our first expensive - good dinner in this town was had in sweat-pants! Just thought that was too funny.