Thursday, July 28, 2005

Game On!

So the blogcrawl is on for Saturday night. It is the day after my birthday. No celebrations are happening on my birthday (except for the sexual kind) since Spurs is not coming in until around 7:00 pm. Therefore, with Sissy coming into TLTTF Texas Saturday morning and is brave enough to stay with us, the celebration starts on Saturday.

Be very afraid of the comments that will be posted by either Spurs, Sissy or I. And be very afraid of what we might post! Hopefully pictures won't be involved.

Game On Everyone! And remember, you are dealing with professional drinkers here (well Sissy is still in the minor leagues since the Columbia incident hee, hee).

Snaps to Pam of Pamibe for the wonderful logo (you totally rock with this stuff)! And see Harvey's post for the instructions!

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