Friday, June 03, 2005

Childhood Meme

David tagged me with this meme:
-Five Things I Miss From My Childhood-
Thanks Big Guy...

We're also supposed to remove item #1 from this list, bump everyone up one place and add your blog to the 5 spot applying links to all.
1. No Government Cheese
2. Villainous Company
3. Riehlworldview
4. Third World County
5. Pull My Finger

Then tag 4 other suckers...I mean...victims...
1. Blogmom Sissy cause I love her so
2.Machelle because of her love for the Big Blue
3. Teresa because she loves Dan Brown
4. VW Bug because I happened to see her name in my comment section

On to the main event-
1. Little League Baseball and Pop Warner Football. There was no pressure, it was just fun. Win or lose, we all new that after the game we were going for ice-cream.

2. Listening to baseball games with my Grandfather. We could have watched the games on TV but Pop liked to listen to games on the radio. We'd sit in the den and my Grandmother would bring us snacks. Jack Buck and the Cardinals... I can still smell the popcorn.

3. Summer vacation!!! It was the best. Camp, local pool, bike rides, video arcades, pick-up ballgames, bottle rocket fights, home made ice cream, water balloon fights, the skating rink...and to think I couldn't wait to grow up.

4. Sleep overs. My dad built the most awesome treehouse for my brother and I. It was about 25 feet in the air and had a retractable rope ladder to keep out girls and the ever present little brother. We would sleep out in the treehouse more than inside during the summer.

5. Beach vacations. My family would always rent a beach house for a couple of weeks. It was usually about 8-10 bedrooms, so most of our extened family would come along. Aunts, Uncle's, Granparents, cousin's and whoever else. I loved the whole tribal village feel of the trip. My dad and I would always sneak away one night during the trip and head to this hot dog stand for a hot dog eating contest. I never won but I still go by this particular hot dog stand if I'm in town...

I could go on but you're only supposed to list 5 things. be a kid again...


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