Thursday, June 23, 2005

Spurs and Napster in Vegas Day 1

Dear son messed up by giving mom the keys to his joint! He not only gave me access to post, but gave me admin rights! I can screw with his template! :-) *mwhahaua*

But I'm going to keep you all posted on their adventures in Vegas. I received a call from them tonight to check in. There day went something like this.

Napster dislikes flying to put it mildly. But loved flying over the Grand Canyon. She's going through a little culture chock in Spurs Land (aka Vegas) and is a bit overwhelmed.

They haven't even been in Vegas for a day yet and they already wound up in jail. Well...kinda. The place to get your marriage license is next to the jail and the traffic court. Kind of a one stop shop if you will. And let's just say that the people that hang around there are not the highest of society.

Spurs put the casino out of business. Well...kinda. He broke even gambling but drank the place dry. They will be filing bankruptcy soon.

This is all the dirt I got. When he said it was time to get in the hot tub, that was my clue to wish them well and get the hell off the phone.

The big day is tomorrow! If I don't hear from them...I'll just make something up!


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