Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Celebration - Bad Example Style

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In celebration of Spurs marrying one fantastic girl, it was necessary that we welcome the newlyweds back appropriately... trashing the place! :-)

A little tour if you will:

The Background: Color suggested by Harvey.

The Banner: Made by Prochein Amy.

Pictures: I just put up some of Spur's favorite teams and his favorite state! Make the place a little more homey!

The Weather Pixie: I'd like to call her Nymph Pixie. Great idea Machelle!

The Buttons: Also by Amy! Some of the great organizations Spurs belongs to. He's so modest!

Books I'm Reading: What really was in Spur's carry-on when he left for Vegas!

TTLB Status: Another great idea by Harvey! Spurs in his next life!

So enjoy Spurs' place while he's gone! I'm going into hiding! :-)